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Talent is in our DNA

We support you with finding and nurturing the most diverse and highly skilled technology talent from across the North West, and beyond.
Who we are

IN4 Talent is a leading technology recruitment specialist. Combining a pedigree of technology and innovation expertise, diverse talent recruitment and skills training and development, IN4 Talent is ideally placed to help you successfully secure your next hire.

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What we do

Our unique talent ecosystem creates the most diverse technology talent pool for you to choose from. With a full talent solution for businesses of any size, our specialist services can help you grow a diverse team of technology innovators. 
Permanent Recruitment
Contract Recruitment
Talent as a service
D&I Consultancy
Talent Insights

“Diversity, accessibility and inclusion are at the core of everything we do. We are an enabler, not just of productivity, but of prosperity for all – we may be about technology, but the benefits we bring are all about people.”

Mo Isap
Managing Director IN4 Talent


Skilled technology candidates in our network


Our experienced team have placed over 3000 tech professionals in their career


Created opportunities through Skills City

Our Mission

We champion fairer access to digital technology careers by pioneering a more inclusive and diverse workforce. We can help shape the culture in your organization, drive your growth, and together, we can transform the future of technology talent.

Our Vision

We change the landscape of future technology talent by giving you direct access to the right talent at the right time, capable of the innovation you need to grow.

Over the last ten months, IN4.0 has developed our talent strategy and fulfilled senior roles for our fast-growing business. We are so impressed by the quality of the support and in-house talent as a service offering.

Stephen Senior • Founder and CEO at Cyberstroller

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