Diversity and Inclusion

Why we need to do things differently

The demand for skills in the digital world has never been greater. To have any chance of filling this gap, we need to widen the talent pool and create a talent pipeline that will develop the much-needed critical digital skills of the future. 

We need to have multiple gateways of opportunity and access for everyone, regardless of their background. Ultimately, this will help you to achieve a truly diverse workforce.

More than ever, there is a need for businesses to shape their culture and overall talent strategies around diversity and inclusion to ensure they can successfully attract and retain the digital skills of the future. If an organisation has a diverse workforce, it also needs to create an inclusive culture and environment if it wants to retain and embed that diversity.
We can help your business make the right changes
Recruiting and retaining talent
It can be challenging to not only find the right talent but also to keep it. Taking the time to understand and assess your company culture with a diversity and inclusion lens is an investment worth making.
Sustainable changes
We can work with you to help shape your business and culture in a way that maximises the skills and individuality of your future talent.

What we do

Using a simple four-stage model centred on your organisation’s employee journey, we will help you assess where your business sits on the D&I cultural spectrum and identify any gaps that will help inform what your D&I cultural priorities should be.
We help you to create a plan and strategy that your organisation can use to embed the changes needed to make those critical D&I cultural shifts.

Benefits of an inclusive workplace and culture

While diversity gives you the benefits of a broader range of skills, thinking and experience that help to increase creativity, innovation and your competitive edge - the overall impact of diversity without inclusion, will be limited. 

A genuinely inclusive culture goes hand in hand with diversity. It enables you to create an environment with a sense of belonging for all individuals and embraces their differences regardless of their background, identity or circumstances. This encourages a wide range of diverse people to successfully come together to create, innovate and collaborate.

Society and expectations are changing and being transparent about the genuine, diverse and inclusive culture you are creating and developing, will not only give you a competitive edge but will also establish you as an employer of choice in the marketplace.

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Being transparent about D&I attracts talent
Encourages employee retention
Prioritises mental health and wellbeing of employees
Improves productivity and efficiency

Statistics and Benefits of a D&I Culture


Inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80%


Workplace belonging leads to a 56% increase in role performance as well as a 50% reduction in turnover risk


74% of millennials believe their organisation is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion


Age, gender and ethically diverse teams make better decisions, up to 87% of the time


Ethically diverse companies are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns


43% of companies with diverse boards noticed higher profits

Creating a D&I Culture

Expert consultancy

Creating a genuinely diverse and inclusive culture is a long-term investment for any company. Working closely with you, we can help identify your D&I cultural priorities.

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Achieve your business goals

By focusing on which strategies will provide impactful solutions in both the short and long term, we will not only help you to make sustainable changes but also highlight how your diversity and inclusion strategy can align with your overall business objectives.

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Talent Strategy

Our team works with you to plan and forecast your talent strategy and timelines for your hiring requirements, helping you to achieve your growth goals. We also provide personalized recommendations, explore training options and offer industry insights.

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“We offer Innovative & Disruptive Talent solutions designed for every stage of growth”

Ruby Melling
‍IN4 Talent
Employer of choice
A diverse and inclusive workplace is an attractive prospect for a potential new hire.
Improves company culture
A diverse and inclusive culture encourages innovation, creativity and productivity.
Desirable workplace
Engage and retain future talent and skills.
Accessibility to a diverse talent pool
Direct access to top local diverse STEM talent.
Get your in-depth D&I cultural health check
Request a one-to-one bespoke consultancy to explore the workplace and culture in your organisation. Your dedicated consultant will discuss your requirements and provide information on costs according to your needs.
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